The Candy Museum is a museum where ancient and fabled pieces of candy, as well as candy equipment, is exhibited.


Numbuh 5, with her great interest in candy lore and fables, told a group of visitors at the museum the story of The Fourth Flavor. The visitors were more interested in the gift shop, to Abigail's dismay, and left her alone with the bejeweled ice cream scoop. Momentarily after, an ice cream truck attacked and kidnapped her along with the bejeweled scoop. The truck left the museum with a broken stand and a shattered window (Operation: F.L.A.V.O.R.).

CandyMuseum outside

The outside of the museum

When Numbuh 5 brought Numbuh 2 along to an ancient candy temple to retrieve the Great Candy Jewel, she wanted to have it exhibited at The Candy Museum. Numbuh 2, however, thought the candy was free to be eaten and took a bite out of it. The remainder of the candy jewel was presumably given to the museum (Operation: CANDY).

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