The Teen Spies are a secret organization for the best and loyal KND operatives who were selected to stay with KND after they have turned 13. They pretend to be decommissioned or traitors so they don't blow their cover to the other KND operatives that don't know they exist. They are known to be "special agents" for KND, but they must pretend to join the Teens to spy on them from the inside.

Known Members


Unknown female

KND Operatives that know


  • False decommissioning is not the only way to hide them operatives, like Chad Dickson, falsely betrayed the KND to become a Teen Ninja in order to infiltrate the Teens.
  • Maurice implied in Operation: M.A.U.R.I.C.E. that there are also undercover adult operatives for the KND.
  • They are very selective about the operatives that they chose to continue. Leaders do not automatically get selected to join. Mr. Warburton once joked around said that they have a lottery and draw straws. [1]
  • There is a special black ops that organize the fake decommissioning. [2]
  • There is probably a written test you have to pass in order to join. [3]

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