Sure Would Forest Senior Center
Sure Would Forest Senior Center
Location Type Home for the Elderly
Location Unknown
Used By Senior Citizen Squad
Robin Food
Little Juan
Hungry Men
Appearances Operation: L.U.N.C.H.

The Sure Would Forest Senior Center is the retirement home where Numbuh 2's grandmother, Lydia, lives (although usually preferring to live with her daughter, Betty).

Robin Food, his assistant, Little Juan, and his Hungry Men work here as the cafeteria staff, serving its residents childrens' food taken by raiding the cafeterias of of elementary schools, like Gallagher, for example. Lizzie, commandeering the L.O.C.K.A.H.S.O.C.K.A.H., came here to retrieve her lunch that he stole after her romantic luncheon with Numbuh 1 was ruined.


  • Its name is based off Sherwood Forest, where Robin Hood resides.
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