St. Rita's Preparatory School
St. Rita's Preparatory School
Location Type Villain Headquarters
Location N/A
Used By Madam Margaret
Appearances Operation: F.U.T.U.R.E.

St. Rita's Preperatory School is an all-girls boarding school that is run by Madame Margaret, with the Girl Squad as the school's security guards. When boys are sent here, they arrive at the school only to be girlified. The school can transform into a giant robot in order to chase after escaped students. 75 years later, it becomes a training academy for all girls being recruited by Margaret, where they planned to turn the BND (Boys Next Door) into girls.

Areas Within

Inside of the school is the main hall staircase. It has 20 girly dungeons for boys and 5 normal ones for rogue girls. It has one massive room for Margaret during war times, which also contains the time travel machine. On the top tower is the robot castle's control room along with the Supergirlifier Cannon, the controls that move the castle and an inter time period communicator. It has 50 rooms for the girl army members, each one holding 6. The castle has been shown to be unaffected by boy lasers when hit.

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