Sector Q is a sector most likely located in America, as they fought the Common Cold. They have never appeared in an episode, having only been mentioned by several operatives. They used to be good friends with Numbuh 274, as they were sent invitations to his 13th birthday party by his parents.


Operation: E.N.D.-Chad realizes that there are birthday invitations in Sectors V and Q, and tries to get them decommissioned because of that.

Operation: C.O.U.C.H.-a reporter on the KND Nightly News says that Sector Q defeated the Common Cold. They appear to have quite good 2x4 technology.

Operation: Z.E.R.O.-Numbuh 362 tells Numbuh 86 to hail Sector Q, along with Sectors D and P.

Operation: S.C.I.E.N.C.E. and Operation: A.M.I.S.H. -they appeared at the big 2x4 Technology Fair. Their stand was a dome with knobs on the sides, with their invention presumably either being inside the dome, or the dome itself. They did not win the award for best 2x4 tech invention.

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