Root Canal
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Appearances Operation: L.I.C.O.R.I.C.E.

The Root Canal is a large pirate ship owned by Captain Black John Licorice, manned by his crew of Licorice Pirates. After Black John and his crew were hit by the licorice curse, the Root Canal's sails became ripped and black.


Captain Black John sailed the seven suburbs aboard the Root Canal, plundering candy wherever he could find. They set sail off the coast of North Dakota and discovered Red Stalk Isle, an island filled with huge red licorice stalks. Black John decided to have all the stalks cut down and brought away from the island, which brought upon them the island's curse. All the red licorice turned black, and the pirates' bones turned into black licorice as well. After learning how to reverse the curse, Black John set sails back to the island, but was unsuccessful and had the Red Stalk Seed stolen by Heinrich Von Marzipan, the cabin boy on the Sweet Revenge. The licorice pirates chased after the Sweet Revenge, but were outrun.

Years later, the Root Canal sailed upon the KND Arctic Prison, where Black John broke out Heinrich to get back his seed. They sailed all the way back to Red Stalk Isle, but were again unsuccessful in breaking the curse.


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