Red Stalk Isle
Red Stalk Isle
Location Type Candy island
Location Near North Dakota
Used By Black John and Licorice Pirates
Appearances Operation: L.I.C.O.R.I.C.E.
Red Stalk Isle is an island located off the coast of North Dakota, known for holding a large quantity of red licorice stalks.

The Curse of the Black Licorice

The Curse of the Black Licorice is a curse put on the island to prevent anyone from not sharing the candy found on it. The way to invoke the curse is to cut down the red licorice stalks on the island and refuse to share them with anyone else. By doing so, the people who stole away the licorice will not only have their red licorice turn black, but their own bones will also turn to black licorice. Everything they eat or drink will taste like black licorice. They will also not be able to move during the day, as they will collapse into lumps of rags and bones the moment sunlight touches them. The curse can be reversed by planting a Red Stalk Seed on the island, and grow a new forest of red licorice trees.


Red licorice stalks

Red licorice stalks

A previously undiscovered island, it was found by Captain Black John and his crew aboard the Root Canal. They proceeded to cut down all the red licorice stalks and take them away from the island in order to keep them for themselves. This brought upon them the island's curse. After learning from Madame Zin how to stop the curse, they returned to plant a seed, but did not make it before sunrise. That same day, Captain Stickybeard and his cabin boy came ashore as well and took the seed from Black John's skeleton hand before sailing away.

RedStalkIsle night

Red Stalk Isle at night

Black John and his licorice pirates returned years later with the cabin boy who stole their seed. Discovering that the boy had in fact eaten the seed very recently, they planted him in the ground to have the seed grow from inside of him. Their plan was thwarted by Stickybeard and Numbuh 5, who challenged him to a sugar drinking contest and stole Heinrich away. As the sun rose up, the cursed pirates turned to bones again and Numbuh 5 escaped with Heinrich and the candy pirates.

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  • Red Stalk Isle and its curse is a parody of "Isla de Muerta" from the film series "Pirates of the Caribbean".
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