Numbuh 513
Numbuh 513 

Real Name

Scarf Girl[1] 



Voice Actor

Jennifer Hale 



"And I don't eat me chips in a lorry when the vendor's pushing a pram across the square."

– Numbuh 513 to Numbuh 1

Numbuh 513[1] is an operative of Sector E in England. She's commonly referred to as "Scarf Girl" because her most defining feature is her long scarf.[2]



Numbuh 513 character model

Sector E had received intel from KND Global Command that Trevor was travelling with The Book of KND in his possession, and went to meet him at the airport as he returned from America. Instead, they were greeted with Numbuh 1, who didn't recognize them as KND operatives. She first offered Numbuh 1 a toffee, but when he refused to hand over the book, she attacked him with her scarf-arms and cricket bats. Numbuh 1 successfully escaped her and Numbuh 437 by having a crowd of Texans run them over.

Later, at the Great Library, she came with the rest of Sector E and confronted Numbuh 1 about the book before the Rowdy Hooligans From Across The Square revealed it to just be a Rainbow Monkeys book. With nothing important to fight over, Sector E and the Rowdy Hooligans invited Numbuh 1 and his dad to the local Soda Pub (Operation: E.N.G.L.A.N.D.).


  • Her weapons of choice seem to be cricket bats
  • The way she uses her scarf like arms are similar to Doctor Octopus from Spider-Man.
  • Her scarves also reference the Fourth Doctor's long scarf from Doctor Who, as is her act of offering candy to others.



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