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Numbuh 149 



Voice Actor

Tom Kenny 




2x4 Technology Officer 

Cameo Appearances

Operation: S.H.A.V.E.
Operation: A.W.A.R.D.S.

"Howdy! You fellas gotta excuse my lack of hospitality. I must've dozed off while readin' this here Modern Moustache magazine."

– Numbuh 149

Numbuh 149 is the 2x4 Technology Officer of Sector T, located in Texas.


He appeared in Operation: S.H.A.V.E.. After a visit to his mom's office, he returned to his sector with a full grown mustache on his face. He quit going on missions and building new 2x4 Technology, but instead staying at the treehouse to groom his mustache. His fellow Texan operatives would later also be possessed by mustaches and were only saved when Sector V came to their rescue. Numbuh 149 was the first to have his mustache shaved off in the C.H.O.P.S.H.O.P..

In Operation: A.W.A.R.D.S., Sector T is stated to still be working on removing rubber cement from their hair after Sector V had failed a recent mission.

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