Numbuh 101
Numbuh 101 

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KND Seriously Cool Museum of Artifacts and Stuff 

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Ben Diskin 




Official KND Historian/Curator 

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Numbuh 101, a.k.a. Matthew, (Matt for short), is the head curator at the Kids Next Door Seriously Cool Museum of Artifacts and Stuff, which holds numerous devices and other items of interest from throughout the KND's history, including the KNDNA Tracker and Recommissioning Module.


He, like Numbuh 1 and Sector E, believes in Numbuh 0. He is an obsessive fan of Sector V, and is in possession of items such as Numbuh 5's blurpleberry ice cream supreme, Numbuh 4's report that defeated Valerie, and Numbuh 1's Rainbow Monkey briefs from Operation: B.U.T.T.


Numbuh 101 appeared in Operation: Z.E.R.O., where he had Numbuh 1 and his team come to the museum for an "emergency" assignment which turned out to be delivering an ice cream cone to him, much to their annoyance. After they leave, he gives Sonia, Lee and Numbuh 363 a tour of the museum, which was interrupted when several villains launch a surprise attack, forcing him to call in Sector V once again. After the museum is saved, he tries to get Sector V's autographs in red, but they leave before he can get a red crayon.

Shortly after that, Numbuh 101 appears on the screen at the Kids Next Door Moonbase asking once again for Numbuh 1 and the rest of Sector V's autographs, and also revealing that the villains have stolen the Recommissioning Module, which he evidently does not consider as important as getting autographs, although the module was thought to be broken beyond repair, but had actually been repaired by Numbuh 86 in Operation: E.N.D.

After Grandfather put into action his plan to transform the population into Senior Citizombies, Numbuh 101 encouraged a depressed Numbuh 1 to use KNDNA Tracker to find Numbuh 0 and save the world. Later, he was seen as a Citi-zombie on the Moonbase, chasing a KND Operative and followed by a group of zombified hamsters are chasing them both. He reverted back to normal after Numbuh 1 defeated Grandfather and saved the world.


  • He bears a slight resemblance to Chuckie Finster from the Nickelodeon series Rugrats.
  • He was named after Kids Next Door storyboard artist Matt Peters, who had a bit of a reputation as a Superman fanboy[1]