Location Type Negative universe
Location Alternate world
Used By DNK, Eizzil Enived, LTDFCD and Daddy
Appearances Operation: P.O.O.L.
The Negative Universe, referred to as the Negaverse, is an alternate Universe to The Kids Next Door's world. It is also the main setting in Operation: P.O.O.L. In this alternate Universe, The Destructively Nefarious Kids (DNK), Little Traitor Dudes For Children's Defense (LTDFCD), and Daddy inhabit this world.

Here, adults are lazy, naughty, rebellious, and mischievous while children work and get nothing. The DNK run this horrid way while the Little Traitor Dudes stop them.

Daddy and the LTDFCD are the counterparts of Father and the DCFDTL. However, they represent their positive counterparts before the Delightfulization process. Eizzil Enived, Lizzie's counterpart is brave while her boyfriend, Negative Numbuh 1, is a coward. Negative Numbuh 2 is hilarious while his counterpart always comes up with bad puns. Negative Numbuh 3 is a hard-core mean girl while her counterpart is, perhaps, too nice and loves goodness. Negative Numbuh 5 is a nerd while her counterpart is cool. She is similar to the nerdy, dorky Numbuh 5 when her coolness was taken away in Operation: C.A.R.A.M.E.L. and Negative Numbuh 4 is a coward while his counterpart isn't.

The Negaverse has its own version of the big treehouse, with the DNK Treehouse being built with steel and industrial parts. The world also apparently has some Broccoli Mines for people who are punished for any errors that are beyond redeemable. They were mentioned by Negative Numbuh 4, Negative Numbuh 3, and Negative Numbuh 86. In these mines, people have to dig out broccoli with their bare hands.

Now thanks to positive Sector V, the Negative Universe has become good and so has the DNK, The former leader of this universe is currently serving time in the broccoli mines for his crimes against this universe and the kids of the negaverse won't have to do all work anymore.


  • It can be noted that because Negaverse is the opposite of the real world, DNK's tech is also opposite of KND's tech. That means while KND uses common everyday household objects for their tech, the DNK uses real materials like metals. As seen when Numbuh 1 met Negative Numbuh 86, her troops uses real tanks and weapons.
  • The name is also used as the DiC's English name for the Dark Kingdom in Sailor Moon
  • The Negaverse can also be the inspiration for the 2P Alternative Universe in Axis Powers: Hetalia


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