The Mustache Office Building was a tall skyscraper office building located in the Texan city close to Sector T. It was taken over by the Moustaches until Sector V defeated the hairy threat.


Numbuh 149 visited his mom's office inside the office building, where he was infected with the Moustaches. He returned to the Sector T treehouse, where the moustaches spread to his teammates. Sector V got called in to save them, after which they went to raid the office building where the moustaches originated from. The guards in the lobby was too busy admiring their moustaches to pay much attention to the visitors, who shaved their moustaches off before taking the elevator to the top floor. There, Sector V was cornered by Numbuh 142's mom, the boss of the company with the largest moustache. After a brief scuffle, they successfully removed the moustache from her face and was told by the moustache leader why they attacked people. Sector V ended up helping the moustaches by dropping them in Antarctica to infect penguins (Operation: S.H.A.V.E.).


  • The large moustache on the building was presumably fake and removed after the moustaches were moved to Antarctica.
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