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Mr. Angelo Fizz is the head of the Soda Control Board, who has raised the legal soda drinking age to thirteen. This is a parody of the American law that the legal drinking age for hard drinks is 21 (while soda is a soft drink and can therefore be consumed by children).

He enforces this law strongly, inevitably putting him in conflict with the Kids Next Door. He himself loves soda. Mr. Fizz speaks with a Spanish accent and wears a fancy white suit and purple glasses. He uses various weapons based on soda bottles and barrels, but he can't stand the sound of children. His main enemy is Numbuh 2.


Mr. Fizz is a lean and tall man who has grey hair with white sides. He wears purple shades and his attire consists of a white suit with a grey suit underneath adorned by a red tie and big white shoes. His most prominent features are his chin and his mustache.


Mr. Fizz, being the head of the Soda Control Board, seems to have an obsession with soda. He is also evil like every adult villain and will stop anyone who gets in his way, even if it means sacrificing his position.

He has a nerve problem, using soda to calm his nerves. When he is unable to calm his nerves, usually due to others not letting him speak and constantly interrupting him, he flies into a rage.


Battling Kids Next Door

Mr. Fizz first appears in Operation: P.O.P., putting disobeying KND Operatives in bottles and later gets defeated by Numbuh 2, who forced him to release the kids he bottled.

He also appears in a minor role in Operation: S.I.X., and the Gameboy Advance game Operation: S.O.D.A., of which he is the main villain.


  • As stated by himself, he seems to have Anosmia, which is the inablity to percieve odors; apparently, this is due to "too many soda bubbles". This makes him the only person immune to any type of odor-based weapon, such as Numbuh 6's bombs.
  • Whether Mr. Fizz or the Soda Control Board are affiliated with any American government entities or are just a group of crazed soda-junkies seeking to hoarde the world's soda supplies for themselves is never revealed.
  • The voice for Mr. Fizz came when Jeff Bennett absent-mindedly started doing a Ricardo Montalban impression while recording dialogue for Mr. Boss in Season 1.[1]



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