Hippo Pot-A-Mus Ranch
Hippo Pot-A-Mus Ranch
Location Type Hippo ranch
Location Close to the desert
Used By N/A
Appearances Operation: S.I.X.
The Hippo Pot-A-Mus Ranch was a ranch for keeping and raising hippos, located close to the desert outside of town. Its hippos often escape their confinements and occupy the road next to it.


Numbuh 2, 3 and Bradley passed this ranch on their way to the Yipper Playtime Pizza Palace, with Mr. Fizz hanging on to their truck. They were on a mission to transport a large quantity of soda to Marybeth March's birthday party. When Numbuh 3 left the wheel to go save Bradley at the back of the truck, it hit a large hippo and was launched sideways into the desert, though still reaching the Yipper Playtime Pizza Palace (Operation: S.I.X.).

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