Hamster Heaven
Location Type Alternate world
Location Underground
Used By Ghost Hamsters
Appearances Operation: G.H.O.S.T.

Hamster Heaven is the afterlife where the Hamsters end up after they've died. The Ghost Hamsters run around happy and content with plenty of food, good weather and things to chew on. The portal to this world is located in Chubbo's grave, but it was blocked off by Numbuh 4's soda machine.


It is a vast landscape covered in wood chips and sunflower seeds, and the hamsters have toilet paper rolls to chew on and four-wheelers to ride on. This is the exact description Numbuh 1 had told Numbuh 3 after Chubbo's funeral, though at the time he was only trying to make her feel better, and had no way of knowing what he said was true. When the Ghost Hamsters returned here after trying to steal away Numbuh 3, they also got an unlimited amount of soda to rain down into their world.


When Chubbo died, he returned to the normal world to bring Numbuh 3 with him to Hamster Heaven. She joined him and was so happy to see them all and the world they lived in, but told them that she couldn't stay because she also has to take care of the hamsters still alive. This angered the hamsters, and the world suddenly turned bleak and cold as the hamsters' ghosts emerged from their bodies. Sector V retrieved Numbuh 3 and escaped the world by climbing up a rope they came down with earlier. The ghost hamsters followed them out, but returned after being sprayed with soda, and the world turned happy and warm again (Operation: G.H.O.S.T.).


  • This is the first alternate world Sector V visits, with the Negaverse being the second world later on.
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