The Great Beaver.jpg
The Great Beaver
Category Weapon
Appearances Operation: S.C.O.U.T.S.

The Great Beaver was a divine animal entity worshipped by the Beaver Scouts, but later revealed to be a large wooden robot used by Chester to manipulate the scouts for his evil plan. It was equipped with large claws and six huge chainsaws on robotic arms.


Chester used the Beaver Scouts' faith in the Great Beaver by building a large wooden beaver and ordering them to build him a huge beaver dam, in order for the beavers to return to the area. Sector V were captured and later escaped to find Chester's Beaver Burgers on top of the hill, where he appeared with the Great Beaver robot and revealed to them his plan. The Beaver Scouts also heard this and broke the dam, which flooded the area to destroy Chester's robot and shack (Operation: S.C.O.U.T.S.).

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