Fountain of Youth
Type Age-reversing water source
Used By Leaky Leona, DCFDTL and Sector V
Appearances Operation: F.O.U.N.T.A.I.N.

The Fountain of Youth was an ancient fountain located in the depths of the ancient school ruins underneath Gallagher Elementary School. "Leaky" Leona used this fountain to keep herself young for 300 years until the Delightful Children destroyed it.

The same water source is also connected to a disgusting broken water fountain in one of Gallagher Elementary's hallways, meaning a fountain of youth still exists.


The entrance to the ancient underground school is located behind a sink in one of the girls' bathrooms. The effects of the water is so temporary that Leona could not move far from the school before she needed to return to the fountain, possibly every few hours.


"Leaky" Leona stumbled upon this fountain after she discovered the ancient school located under Gallagher Elementary, 300 years in the past. The effects of the water is only temporary, so for three decades she remained at the school above so she could return to the fountain when she felt the need.

Op fountain

Leaky Leona finds another water fountain of youth

The Delightful Children From Down the Lane somehow found out about Leona's secret and cornered her in the girls' bathroom, where they forced her to show them the fountain. Sector V followed their tracks through the underground and caught up to them at the fountain. After a brief fight, they tossed the elderly Leona into the fountain and she was again turned back to ten years old. But even though she was thankful for the help she received, she turned against the Kids Next Door in fear that they also wanted to destroy the fountain. After she turned them into babies, the babyfied Delightful Children still succeeded in destroying the fountain. Leona and Sector V escaped the school ruins and she said she was ready to be an adult, but on her way out she found an out of order drinking fountain which also happened to hold water from the fountain (Operation: F.O.U.N.T.A.I.N.).


  • The entrance to the underground school is a reference to the entrance to the "Chamber of Secrets" in the "Harry Potter" book-series.
  • The "Fountain of Youth" has been described in tales for thousands of years.
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