The Egyptian Sector is located in a palm tree on the top of a pyramid in Giza, Egypt.


The Egyptian operatives dress in baggy white linen clothing with an orange belt, wear a blue collar-like clothing with symbols painted in gold on their upper body, green sandals, golden bracelets on each arm and they all wear white hedjets on their heads.


The Egyptian KND most likely had a run-in with the Great Puttinski, as he had at some point miniaturized and stolen the Giza pyramids (Operation: M.I.N.I.-G.O.L.F.).

During a visit by Numbuh 274, the Egyptian operatives were attacked by Mega Mom & Destructo Dad. Two operatives were frozen on the run, while the remaining three were cornered up against a pyramid and frozen on the spot. They were later freed after Numbuh 274 finally defeated his evil parents (Operation: C.H.A.D.).

All of the Egyptian operatives made an appearance at the Kids Next Door Super Convention Center after supreme leader, Numbuh 362, called a global meeting with all KND operatives. Once the game of tag was initiated, the Egyptian operatives successfully avoided being tagged throughout the game (Operation: I.T.).

At least one operative of the Egyptian KND was at the KND Moonbase when a coalition of the Kids Next Door's main villains attack the base. After Grandfather was recommissioned by Father, the treehouse in Giza was transformed into a tapioca factory, presumably along with the operatives. They were all returned to normal following Grandfather's defeat, and came to the global gathering led by Numbuh 1 (Operation: Z.E.R.O.).


Egyptian Operatives

Egyptian Sector unfrozen in Operation: C.H.A.D.


  • The treehouse is only seen after being transformed into a Tapioca Factory.
  • The treehouse is not visible in Operation C.H.A.D., even though all three pyramids are very visible.
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