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The Trading Card Game is made by Wizard of the Coast Inc. It's simple game mechanic and the many cards make it a fine collection divided into 3 sets.


Basic Game

In the basic game, the two players flip a card over from the top of their deck and compare the battle number in the corner. The winning card is placed in the "WINS" area, while the losing card (or both cards in the case of a tie) is returned to the bottom of its owner's deck. The first player with 5 cards in his or her "WINS" area wins the game. The only complication here comes about if both cards are of the same color; in this case, the numbers are irrelevant, and players must instead be the first to slap a panic button located on the game mat.

Advanced Game

The advanced game introduces the concepts of turn taking and the treehouse. In addition to a battle number in the top corner, each card contains a small snack icon in the lower right corner. This snack icon represents a resource which can be used to power-up other cards when the card is in the treehouse. Each player begins with a single card in their treehouse, and hence this card supplies a single full snack.

On each player's turn, he or she reveals the top card of his or her deck and decides whether to battle with the card, or to add it to the treehouse (where it stays for the remainder of the game). If a battle is selected, the battle is performed against the (face down) top card of the opponent's deck, so the outcome is not known in advance. During the battle, if either player is able to match the empty snack icons on their battling card to full icons being provided by cards in their treehouse, the card battles at the effective strength of its much higher power-up number, instead of using the battle number as it normally would. Note that the panic button rule from the basic game is also in effect, so players must be ready to react to a matched color at any time.

The victory conditions are the same, with the first player to win 5 battles winning the game. Players can score regardless of who initiated a battle, so it is possible to win at the end of the other player's turn.

TCG1 SooperEvil TCG3
Base Set Sooper Evil Set Time Tangle Set
120 Cards
15 Stickahs
80 Cards
10 Stickahs
 ? Cards
? Stickahs
Base Set S.O.O.P.E.R.E.V.I.L. T.I.M.E. T.A.N.G.L.E.
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