Chickenpox Cannon.jpg
Chickenpox Cannon
Category Weapon
Appearances Operation: M.A.U.R.I.C.E.

The Chickenpox Cannon is a cannon that was built by Cree. The Teen Ninjas use this object to infect people worldwide with Chickenpox. It is hidden in the chicken-shaped building on Chickenpox Island. Cree once planned to use this on all the kids at a street fair while the teens were watching the kids get poxed from the safety of the Giant Pep Rally being held at the McClintock High School gymnasium. Cree's plan to pox the kids backfired when Maurice/Numbuh 9 switched the cannon's coordinates from the Street Fair to the McClintock High School gym, getting all the Teens poxed instead. After Maurice destroyed this thing, this resulted in Chickenpox Island's untimely demise.

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