Champion Chip Casino
Champion Chip Casino
Location Type Chips gambling facility
Location N/A
Used By Sugar Daddy
Appearances Operation: K.N.I.G.H.T.S.

Champion Chip Casino is a gambling facility where different flavored potato chips are used as currency. Kids are not allowed within the building.

The casino held a variety of flavored potato chips including: BBQ, jalapeño, ranch, and sour cream and onion; before they were stolen by Sector V.


The Champion Chip Casino was a location frequented by adults who would go on to win large quantities of potato chips in an assortment of flavors. Sugar Daddy brought his girlfriends there and won 50,000 sour cream and onion chips, while a man dressed in blue won 5,000 BBQ-flavored potato chips. Numbuh 1 hatched a plan for Sector V to raid the casino later that night and make off with eleventy billion potato chips. However, he fell victim to a surprise attack by The Knighty Knights and slept through the raid. The rest of Sector V successfully went through with the heist without Numbuh 1, which they described to have been too easy, and transported all the chips back to the treehouse.


  • The name is a parody of "championship".
  • The flavored potato chips are a parody of casino tokens, which are often called "chips".
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