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The Cartoon Network Website has over the years hosted a variety of different KND-themed games, some of which are no longer available. This is a list of all the games that have been available to play on the website at some point.

If you frequently visit Cartoon Network website, particularly the Kids Next Door minisite, there are 28 games available. Here is a link to all of them. These are presented from the oldest to the newest.

  • Operation B.R.I.E.F. (Cartoon Network Game) - parody of Operation: S.T.A.R.T.-U.P., only available in CartoonNetwork.co.uk - by the way, the access code is NIGEL.

Other Codename: Kids Next Door games

A number of Codename: Kids Next Door games were made, but it's unknown if they were available on the Cartoon Network website:

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