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Betty Gilligan is the mother of Numbuh 2 and Tommy Gilligan and the wife of Hoagie Gilligan Sr.


She is perhaps more aware of the KND's presence than any other operative's parents (Except, of course, for Mr. Boss, father of Numbuh 86). She used some hi-tech gadgetry of her own to stop the Common Cold (Operation: T.O.M.M.Y.), and is aware of her son's use of 2x4 technology, most notably a security system he installed in the house, as seen in Operation: C.L.U.E.S.. She tried to impress Kuki's mother - her boss - in this episode, and succeeded thanks to Numbuh 2.


  • Betty Gilligan was voiced by Cree Summer in her first appearance, Operation: T.O.M.M.Y..
  • Betty seemed like a tough-as-nails and combat-ready woman in her debut appearance, but in later appearances her personality was reworked to be less intimidating and courageous.
  • Betty Gilligan's knowledge of Numbuh 2's 2x4 technology and the KND itself could indicate that she is an ally of Sector V. This may also imply that she was once a KND operative herself, and she somehow remembers her knowledge after being decommissioned.
  • In the comic Operation: T.R.I.K.E., she is seen with blonde hair.
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