The Abandoned Treehouse is an old treehouse formerly used by an unknown KND sector. It was later used to interrogate Bobby, a kid who wished to join the Kids Next Door.


The treehouse appears to be located in a downtown area, with the tree growing up from between two buildings and through the pavement. The treehouse was built with several observatories, a hangar, an airship on the side, several apartment buildings, a large angel statue and a skyscraper on top.

The interior of the treehouse is filthy and full of holes. Windows are barred with pieces of wood, walls are cracked, litter can be found on the floors and lighting can only be found in selected rooms.


Bobby was given a map to find the old treehouse and meet Sector V, who scanned and frisked him upon entry. They brought him before Numbuh 1, who presented him with a choice between forgetting the events of the day, or learn about the evil adult world. Bobby returned to the treehouse after breaking into the Crazy Old Cat Lady's House and Mr. Wink and Mr. Fibb's House, but was sent out to Gallagher Elementary School for the final part of the mission. After completing the mission, but getting stuck in the dish washer, he washed up into the treehouse through a water pipe. Angry over the amount of work required to join the Kids Next Door, Bobby revealed himself to be the Interesting Twins From Beneath The Mountain in disguise and left the treehouse (Operation: R.E.C.R.U.I.T.).


SuPer Educated Guesses Unfortunately Lack Actual Surety However Is Included On Notes
  • The skyscraper on top of the treehouse is reminiscent of the Empire State Building, which could point to the treehouse being located in New York.
  • Some fans speculate that the treehouse once belonged to Sector Z and that is looks like the diorama of the Sector Z treehouse made by Numbuh 101.
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