2x4 Technology Handbook is a Codename: Kids Next Door book released in September 1st, 2005. It was written by Alison Wilgus (but the introduction states that it was written by Numbuh 2,making Wilgus a "ghost writer"), co-written by Bob Roper and published by Scholastic. The book describes several different pieces of 2x4 Technology from the show, each separated by three categories: gadgets,weapons and vehicles.


One of the covers for the book.

Back Cover Text

Greetings, new recruits. Welcome to the Kids Next Door. Inside this book s everything you need to know before you begin your first mission. It's your official guide to all the weapons, vehicles, and gadgets at the KND's disposal. You never know when you'll find yourself surrounded by sooper villains or cornered by a teenage baybsitter. But after reading this book, you'll be ready for 'em!

{WARNING: This book is the exclusive propery of the Kids Next Door. It contains classified information that,in the wrong hands, could prove dangerous to KND agents everywhere. Keep out of sight.}

End transmission.


An earlier cover for the book.

2x4 Technology Inventions Listed





KND fortune teller

KND fortune teller

  • A Codename: Kids Next Door-themed fortune teller was made to help promote the book.[1]
  • The back cover shows a picture of a S.L.U.G.G.U.H.,but the weapon is nowhere to be seen in the actual book.
  • The K.E.G.G.E.R. is called K.E.E.G.E.R. in the index.
  • The ISBN of the book is 0-439-74662-0

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